How Are We Helping?  

We provide ocean-inspired jewellery and clothing in order to raise awareness; a wearable reminder of how important they are to our everyday life.

Our work and hopes are to aid the movement in restoring our ocean by donating 10% of profits to marine organisations!

Assisting by educating the public about our ocean's condition in an informative yet fun way

Raising awareness on how everyone can help do their part - no gesture is too little

Donating to organisations and charities that aid with cleaning plastic out of our ocean.

What is Our Goal?  

Our goal is to both inspire and help make a change!

With more plastic littering and dumping, it is becoming more evident that our ocean has an ever-growing struggle at surviving.

Sea creatures and aquamarine life are vital to maintaining balance within our ecosystem.  





What Organisations Do We Donate to?  

Ocean Conservancy
Creators of science-based solutions to help restore the ocean and animal communities to a healthier state!

Any Organisations/Charities to Recommend?  

Feel free to contact us!